June 4, 2020BTPT in the Community

A Message of Solidarity from BreakThrough

BreakThrough Physical Therapy holds utter disdain for discrimination of any kind.

Of the many issues being defined in our world right now, we believe that the most important is rights. As citizens, as Americans, and as human beings, there are certain rights that we should be able to expect regardless of skin color, gender, or any other variable.

However, these rights are not being given equally to Black Americans.

We are a company whose purpose is to heal others when they are hurting and right now, people are hurting. Our hope is that we can overcome the current environment of political divisiveness and create a more cohesive and equal community through empathy, teamwork, and compassion. This is not something that can be done through silence or complacency.

The issues being protested are not new, and they will not be solved with silence, but with action. At BreakThrough, ‘doing what’s right’ remains a core value in our work healing others, whether the injury is a fractured bone or a fractured community.

Racial equality matters.

Upholding basic human rights matters.

Doing what is right matters.

Black Lives Matter.