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Who Is Your Physio?

What Makes Us Different

Jeff HathawayHello, and welcome to BreakThrough Physical Therapy (BTPT). My name is Jeff Hathaway and I am BTPT’s Founder and CEO. I would like to take a few paragraphs to tell you why BTPT is the best choice for your therapy services.

Our Mission is simply “to redefine Physical Therapy in the hearts and minds of all the customers we serve, elevating our prominence in the healthcare system”. Our experience is that most patients don’t fully realize the level of expertise of today’s Physical Therapist, that it matters which Physical Therapist you see, and that we can prevent many surgeries and unnecessary care. Our goal is for you to find your personal Physical Therapist (we call them “your Physio”) at BTPT that you seek out for all your injury needs.

Our staff is highly trained and bases all treatment decisions on the most current research. We pride ourselves in knowing and practicing the best current evidence for each condition we treat. Our PT’s achieve specialized certifications, residencies and fellowships, and we understand and master the combination of “the science” and “the art” of Physical Therapy.

We understand the importance of compassion. We strive to listen to each and every patient, so that we understand their feelings and address their entire situation, not just their hurting knee, elbow, back, or shoulder.

Our promise to you is to provide physical therapy treatment differently. Different in a good way. We will listen to you; we will care for you; and will make you feel better – inside and out.

Jeff Hathaway, BTPT Founder & CEO