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  • Rhoger Villalon PT, DPT, CMP

    Rhoger VillalonPT, DPT, CMP

    Rhoger is the Clinic Manager of the Apex clinic.

    Rhoger graduated from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He continued his education by becoming formally trained in Kinesio Taping and manual therapy relative to joint/soft tissue mobilizations, through training with Maitland and Mulligan. He has also completed specialized training in Trigger Point Dry Needling.

    With an interest in spine-related ailments, Rhoger’s specialties include, hip, core, postural, and upper neck related issues. Rhoger believes that his gift is the ability to educate his patients about their condition so they can have a better understanding of their physical dysfunctions and how to overcome them.

    Native of Lanham, Maryland, Rhoger became a proud member of the US Army Paratrooper Infantry. Besides staying busy as a BreakThrough Physical Therapy therapist and clinic manager, Rhoger loves football, basketball, weight-training, and, more than anything else, playing with his children.