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Marketing Team

  • Rebecca Sabathe Marketing Director

    Rebecca SabatheMarketing Director

    Rebecca Sabathe received her BS in Business Administration Sales and Marketing from Davenport University in Grand Rapids Michigan. She has over 20 years of advertising and Pharmaceutical sales experience, winning numerous accolades for top performance. Rebecca was thrilled to join the BreakThrough Physical Therapy team in October of 2014 and is the Director of Marketing. Rebecca has a passion for helping all people live healthy lives by educating the providers she partners with.

    In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with her family.

  • Kelsey Magnine Clinic Liaison

    Kelsey MagnineClinic Liaison

    Kelsey Magnine is a graduate of Methodist University where she received her BS in Business Administration in 2012 and MBA in 2014. As an undergrad, she played collegiate golf and completed the university’s PGA Golf Management program where she developed a passion for swing biomechanics and golf fitness.

    Kelsey joined BreakThrough Physical Therapy in January of 2017, coming to the company with several years of experience in marketing and medical sales. Recently completing her RYT Yoga Certification in 2016, she takes pride in educating and promoting the benefits of Physical Therapy and healthy living to the Fayetteville community.

    In her spare time, Kelsey loves hiking, yoga and spending time with her dog, Ernie.

  • Kathy Murray Clinic Liaison

    Kathy MurrayClinic Liaison

    Kathy Murray has a BA in Business Management and Ethics from Laurel University in High Point NC.  She joined BreakThrough Physical Therapy in March 2017, bringing over 20 years of experience in medical sales, medical chemical analysis, and marketing.

    She has a passion for promoting active and healthy lifestyles for all walks of life and is excited to help the North Carolina community gain access to BreakThrough Physical Therapy as a means of getting “back to work….back to play…back to life!”

    Outside of work, Kathy loves being outdoors, gardening, exercising, baking sweet treats and spending time with her family.

  • Garrett Smith Clinic Liaison

    Garrett SmithClinic Liaison

    Garrett graduated from UNC-Wilmington with a degree in Chemistry. Since then, he has spent the past six years, in various roles throughout the healthcare industry; working alongside providers and helping provide the best care possible to patients and their families. Along with his healthcare experience, Garrett brings his passion for marketing to the team at BreakThrough Physical therapy.

    Garrett’s biggest strengths are helping to communicate BreakThrough’s services and values to the surrounding communities and showcasing the talented therapists and support staff in our company. His experience working in various healthcare settings has allowed him to understand the process and important details of operating a physical therapy clinic. His number one goal is to provide open communication and correspondence while helping bridge the gap between our staff and referring physicians.

    To him, being part of a successful and thriving healthcare team is rewarding because it results in patients receiving the best care and achieving their best outcomes. He is dedicated to going above and beyond to help meet the needs of the community and provide an excellent experience for everyone he works with along the way.